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Asian Food: Try Our Ramen

Ramen was born when the Chinese noodle dish came to Japan and fused with Japanese cuisine. Today it’s one of the most popular Japanese dishes and can still surprise us with limitless variations in style and flavour.

Although the number of recipes is huge, some Japanese Restaurants in Poland push it too far and their dishes have very little in common with the idea of traditional ramen. Ramen Shop is different. We treat Asian food with the respect and stay loyal to the original idea behind the dishes.

Japanese Restaurant: Ramen Shop in Poland

You will find us in various locations in Poland. We offer high quality traditional Asian food as well as well-thought-out modern variations. Our ramen consists of five main elements:

  • men (noodles),
  • dashi (soup stock),
  • tare (sauce),
  • ingredients,
  • fat or oil.

We carefully chose ingredients that you can pick for your dish. The list isn’t set, so each time you can enjoy a slightly different flavour of your favourite Asian dish. The standard ingredients include roasted pork fillet, menma, spring onions, followed by boiled eggs, nori, cloud ear mushrooms, bean sprouts, and spinach. What else may you order? Besides that, wontons, butter, ground chili pepper, ground meat, leeks, mitsuba, corn, and cubed meat are also used.

Asian Food: Order online

Our Japanese Restaurant takes online orders. That allows you to enjoy your ramen at home as well as at work – without going out and crossing the city. If you feel like ordering ramen or some other Asian dishes from our menu, feel free to check our locations. The list is still growing, as new Ramen Shops are opened across Poland.